Daniel J. Orens Center for Life (DJOC) Event

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Join Us for the Grand Opening of the Daniel J. Orens Center For Life (DJOC) June 2nd, 2018

The Daniel J. Orens Center For Life (DJOC) is another giant leap in a positive direction to help others get the assistance they need to save and live a healthy addiction-free life! The DJOC is providing even more services and outreach to help those in need to fight the disease of addiction. Please help us join the effort through the Daniel J. Orens Foundation and the Daniel J. Orens Center for Life (DJOC).

Location and Details

Located at 3900 Ford Rd., Suite 14A Philadelphia, PA 19131 on June 2nd, 2018, we will have the grand opening for the DJOC. Center services include Intensive outpatient therapy, life skills, workforce and entrepreneurial training, on-site computer training, comprehensive case management, housing counseling, mentoring, referrals, and more! Please join us and help make a difference. If you are unable to attend, your donations to our nonprofit cause go a long way to help save more lives by getting them the care they truly need.

Donate to the Daniel J. Orens Foundation

Donate Here, today! Daniel J. Orens may no longer be with us but his spirit only grows stronger amongst us and through the goodwill and faith of people like yourself who help make a true difference in the lives of others struggling with the same afflictions in Dan’s name. We hope to see you there and appreciate everything you have done and continue to do to make the Daniel J. Orens Foundation a success now and forever! We are eternally grateful and appreciate you spreading the word of events such as these.


Your Donations to the Daniel J Orens Foundation are also always appreciated and can help another loved one or friend struggling with this disease get the help they need. Donate Here, Today!


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