How The Daniel J Orens Foundation, Inc. Has Been Actively Involved and Continues to Contribute More Every day!


Ever since Daniel’s death in November of 2016, as part of his healing and dealing with such a horrifying tragedy and every family’s worst nightmare, DJOF – through the efforts of Daniel’s father Jonathan – has become extremely active in community outreach.  His resume of guest speaking and presentations is impressive and growing. Here are just some of the contributions:

        • Member of the Philadelphia Task Force ‘Education and Public Awareness Sub-Committee’ to combat the opioid epidemic.
        • Affiliated with H.A.D.A. (Haverford Alliance for Drug Awareness) and has served as a panelist at their community outreach meetings. He associated with this group because of his family’s roots in Havertown PA.
        • Certified guest speaker for Holcombe Behavioral Health Systems’ NOPE (Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education) Program.
        • Conducted a class on the subject to a Temple University journalism course.
        • Made a presentation at a support meeting for ODATT (One Day At A Time) a local community support group for people fighting for recovery.
        • Guest speaker on a recovery podcast – Rebel Recovery (Episode 16: “In Memory of my son Daniel“).
        • Guest speaker at the New Leash on Life Graduation Ceremony at the Philadelphia Department of Prisons.
        • Guest speaker at the Abington-Jefferson Dixon School of Nursing.
        • Served as a panelist for the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disability services (DBHIDS) Faith and Spiritual Affairs Conference.
        • Served as a panelist at the End Aids: The HIV Prevention and Outreach Summit for the Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers.
        • Guest speaker at the Mayor’s Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission’s 20th Annual “Making a Difference” dinner.
        • Guest speaker at the March In Black: International Overdose Awareness Day 2017 in Kensington Pa.
        • Participated in a roundtable discussion about the opioid epidemic with the US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, US Representative from PA Pat Meehan, and White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway among others at Mirmont Treatment Center in Media, Pennsylvania.
        • Held a Casino Night and Auction Fundraiser that was extremely successful and generated tens of thousands of dollars for the non-profit Daniel J Orens foundation from extremely generous and thoughtful donations provided by both those who could and could not attend. It also spread priceless awareness and support from the community and helped others who went through similar struggles that Dan did get another chance to live the life they deserve. These events are already proving to make life-changing differences in other people’s lives. We are just getting started! Our goal is to help and provide countless others fighting the same disease another chance at living a healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Dan is providing that inspiration from beyond and his name will always be associated with making a positive change in many other people’s lives!
        • The development of the Daniel J Orens Center (DJOC) also being organized and implemented by Sandi Williams who aims to generate over $300,000 from many programs such as intensive outpatient therapy, life skills, work skills, and entrepreneurial training, on-site computer training, comprehensive case management, housing counseling, mentoring, referrals, sponsorships, and donations! The DJOC is a collaborative effort of organizations delivering evidence-based services to veterans and returning citizens suffering from substance abuse disorders and other challenges related to incarceration or military service.
        • Collaborative Partners and Advisors: New Leash on Life USA, A Wealth of Women, APP Foundation, Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences (PARR), Daniel J. Orens Foundation, Inc., Certifications International, Melvin Stokes (Clinical Director), Dr. Clifford L. Stanley, Major General, United States Marine Corps. (Retired).  


Jon Orens Daniel J Orens Foundation Event

Above: Jon Orens as a guest speaker at the March In Black: International Overdose Awareness Day 2017 in Kensington Pa.


Jon Orens president DJOF

Jon speaks at a Town Hall meeting in front of local government officials and parents at Haverford High School in Haverford Pa.

Jon’s drive and ambition are to educate as many people as he can to help destigmatize the epidemic, to assist families in dealing with this insidious disease, and to console anyone who has lost a loved one to a drug overdose – all in the name of his beloved son Daniel.

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About Daniel J Orens

Dan Orens was the type of person that always left his mark on everyone that he met with his amazing persona and genuine benevolence. He had a way of developing a special, unique, and distinguished relationship with each of his family members and friends.  Dan always had a great sense of humor and a smile that lit up the room. His laugh was contagious and it seemed as though everyone had their own "inside" jokes with him.  He always wanted to be the best son, brother, future husband, and friend to everyone he cared about. Unfortunately, his addiction stood in the way of some of his potential.  Dan cared true and through for his family and friends. He always wanted to be better and was too hard on himself at times. When he was doing well, there was nothing that could stop him. However, the disease sadly got the best of him and we lost an amazing and beautiful soul far too soon.  Dan would be extremely proud but not surprised by the magnificent efforts his family has put together to form the Daniel J. Orens Foundation. His name deserves to live on and be honored in helping others fight and win the same battle with addiction that he fought.  Daniel J Orens truly brings inspiration from beyond.

Videos of Dan and DJOF Events

Enjoy some videos capturing the fun and love that Dan exuded. Children loved Dan's persona and ability to make them laugh. We will consistently update this section with new videos from both Dan's life and fundraiser events for Daniel J. Orens Foundation, Inc. Please feel free to submit any pictures or videos of Dan that display his happiness and kindness to info@danieljorens.org.

Video of Dan Orens

Dan was always great with children and they always seemed to cling to him because he was so fun to be around!

Dan with Family

Dan enjoys breakfast with his family.

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